Diane A. Curran writes about Leadership from the Inside Out in this book excerptExcerpted from my in-depth chapter on Leadership from the Inside Out in the books Results Guaranteed.

This concluding segment below brings the research and results discovered earlier in the chapter and draws a bold conclusion.

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Can you be both an Outside-In and Inside-Out leader?


Consider how weird this would be: 

Your gymnastics coach performs the routine for you in the world cup competition, then hands you a gold medal and congratulates you on your win. 

Your opera coach sings the aria for you at the gala premiere, then tosses you a bouquet from onstage while you stay hidden in the wings. 

Your baseball coach takes your turn at bat in the bottom of the 9th, then slides with a cloud of dust into home base and high fives you for your grand slam.

Leadership is not doing the hard parts for other people. It’s not stealing their moment.

Leadership is not controlling. It’s not even telling people what to do. 

Outside-In leadership invites participation. It welcomes the power of choice, persuading us with visions of possibility and growth.

Inside-Out leadership is witness to what’s present, masterfully holding the space for the energy of new discoveries. It naturally applauds others.

I say yes again.

We most often see leaders adopt one or the other of these two modalities.

Leader with naturally “always on” personalities tend toward Outside-In. 

Leaders who love to listen out of abundant curiosity tend toward Inside-Out.

Our inherent qualities snd our personal history usually condition us to prefer one or the other. Yet even this can change. You may create your own delicious blend of both. 

Leaders are always learning, experimenting and finding new pathways to explore.

You are cordially invited to… Listen. Speak. Lead.

— Diane A. Curran

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