TheMarketingDeal-visualbrandingandartRecent news about the economic success and benefit to Los Angeles of the ongoing citywide Pacific Standard Time art exhibit highlights the magnetism of art and ideas, for individuals and business owners.

News about future growth for this exhibit in 2017 from this report by The New York Times:

“Known for funding other museums as well as running one, the J. Paul Getty Trust has just awarded $8.45 million in grants to 43 cultural institutions participating in the second edition of Pacific Standard Time, a regionwide set of exhibitions from San Diego to Santa Barbara, scheduled to open in the fall of 2017.”

From a 2012 report in the Los Angeles Times:

“According to a report released Thursday, the Getty‘s $12-million investment in Pacific Standard Time, the sprawling collaboration among Southern California museums, has generated almost 10 times that amount in spending by tourists and local residents.

The report, prepared for the Getty by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, put total visitor spending, including lodging, food and transportation, at $111.5 million and state and local taxes generated at $19.4 million.”

I had the opportunity to be at The Getty several times during the last exhibit, and the art they displayed, which included specifically commissioned works, captured rapt attention and focus from visitors, many of whom were aming the rounds of the 60 or so museums in this cooperative venture.

Viva the value of art!

The business take away? These 3 visual branding tips:

• People seek out and respond to inspired, well-crafted and though-provoking images. Making sure your branding is visually compelling is a worthy investment.

• We process visual images more quickly than text, so effective art and design serve as a doorway for the more considered review of the words that convey your benefits, specs,  and multiple information points you want people to read.

• In a mismatch of visuals and message, visuals will win, as we have been conditioned to make ever speedier choices, both online and offline, about what we’ll spend out limited time to investigate further.

— Diane A. Curran

• • •

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