Be . The Deal Is for You

High Performance Communication uses marketing's unique power to connect with people and present clear choices that compel action.

Marketing Is Personal

Marketing is personal because each human being is unique. Since today’s fancy targeting tools undermine privacy, marketers must work harder to gain permission and earn trust.

Marketing Is Primal

Survival. Security. Love. Community. Adventure. Freedom. Fun. Humanity lives within being, doing, having. Marketing messages that matter fulfill on primal needs.

Marketing Makes Waves

The ocean doesn’t send one wave onshore and call it a day. Effective marketing flows in rhythmic repetition for visibility, memorability and magnetism.

Marketing Thrives with Team Play

Bringing outside voices in for a collaborative marketing development process reveals blind spots to clarify and strengthen a message.

Deal Yourself In  

You fuel your business with passion, devotion, and hands-on attention to those endless daily tasks. Yet so few small business owners deal themselves into marketing’s bigger game. Define The Marketing Deal with authenticity, starting here: TMD DEAL defined link

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Who You Are  TMDEAL link circle only red

  • Solopreneur
  • Professional in Practice
  • Consultant
  • Small Business Owner
  • New Business Owner
  • Starting a First Career 
  • Switching Careers

Where You Are  TMDEAL link triangle only green2

  • Expanding Your Business
  • Starting Up
  • Rebranding
  • Relaunching
  • Facing Competitive Challenges
  • Seeking New Audiences
  • Adding Products or Services

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