The internet is filled with fabulous lists of words to use that sell, sell, sell.

Power words, words with muscle, punch, hooks, and every other kind of arm-wrestling possible. No wonder marketing and advertising both have such a bad rep. Every time a new sales channel makes waves, speed-demon hawkers crash-land on shore, ready to pummel curious toe-dippers into buying.

We’re tweeting, and facebooking, and linking, and e-blasting, and virtual-networking in giant waves, with head counts of followers/friends the new badge of success. Git ’em while you can!

Whew. Let’s slow it down.

Word Today is… You.

You perches at the top of the smartest power word lists, because anyone making a sales offer that mentions “you” signals at least a willingness to honor the value of listening and connecting to communicate.

The word You always gets our attention. Without it, something is missing.

You can start a personal, two-way conversation.

English has only one word for “you.” The French and Spanish, among others, have a polite, or formal word (vous and usted), but they also have a more familiar form, “tu.” It’s easier to know what to expect with these two forms. We Americans are left to pick up our clues from the context of what’s being said, or through tone.

We know immediately in our gut if we’re being pushed, pulled, or prodded in unacceptable ways.

We definitely know when we feel safe, respected and invited.

Today’s mantra is “you.”

Take a break, and take a look. How does your business communicate to connect with each one of your audience members?

How are you doing today? 

— Diane A. Curran

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