When I Googled “Start” I got 2,950,000,000 results in 0.35 seconds.

(No wonder we have no patience anymore, with this kind of everyday acceleration!)

But do we ever go much beyond the !rst page of search engine results listings?

Mostly, we start over with another search, rather than bother with page 2, never mind the buried reaches of page 3!

But electronic speed is way faster than than those 0-to-60 engine acceleration demos in formulaic TV ads. All those crazy luxury cars and monster trucks surging through mud, mountain dust, even saltwater spray on wildly remote beachfronts.

For the business owner, starting up can really feel like mud, dust and riptide challenges.

We want to start fast, yet remember the caution that “the race is not to the swift…”

How many startups make it to the !nish line?

The statistics are appalling, and those who create successful busnesses often say: if they knew what they were in for, they might never have started.

Yet something deep in the human spirit compels us to !nish what we start. We drive ourselves into the unknown, muddy as it looks, to raise little dust, and surf the seas of discovery.

It’s that sprit we celebrate today.

Gentlepeople, start your engines!

And if you’ve gotten stuck in the mud…

Reinvent your game for today, or for the next hour, or even just than next phone call.

Take one action.

We’ll take these cues from the dictionary: to come into being, to do the !rst part of something, to cause to happen…

Start something!

— Diane

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