TMDeal Word Today Perseverance featureimageGosh that’s a lot of letters. 12 letters and 4 syllables to be exact. Isn’t there an easier way to say perseverance? “Stick-to-it-iveness” is a bit more upbeat, or even “tenacity” sounds a bit snappier.

Small business owners, especially boot-strappers, know this territory well. There are rare days when absolutely everything goes well, of course. But mostly it’s twists, turns, and bumps that define the road to success, not smoothly paved freeways.

And there are days when the world encroaches on our default peace of mind.

On this post date (June 13, 2016) we are all grappling with the first day back in a normal business week after the tragedy of the horrific Orlando massacre of innocent people who were simply celebrating in fun in a dance club. Tragedies on a scale well beyond our personal control make us feel bereft, frustrated, powerless. We may be left questioning our very purpose, in business and in life.

This may be the perfect time for personal perseverance.

Maybe my online thesaurus has the full range of such moments in mind, even beyond an entrepreneur’s natural impatience, when it suggests words like “steadfastness,” “staying power,” “stamina,” “doggedness”… and “indefatigability.”

Perseverance itself is defined as continuing in a course of action even in the face of difficulty.

Just when I feel tired by these reminders that living a life, and indeed, running a business, is NOT a quick and easy task, I decide to hang in and read further. Hmmm… could that be a glimmer of perseverance giving me a nudge??

Lo and behold, look what I find:

A second, less common definition for the word, mentioned in a theological context:

Perseverance: continuance in a state of grace, leading finally to a state of glory.”

Wait a minute, can there be a state of glory in being a business owner? 

I say yes! I’ve noticed scads of evidence for it among the many, many business owners I’ve spent time with over the years. Maybe it’s hard to define, but it’s very easy to see.

You see it in the smiling clients, who thank you personally for making their life better and easier, even more fulfilling… because you brought them the solution they wanted and needed. Your product, your service, and your care, made all the difference.

A client’s smile makes you shine. A client’s thanks does reward your perseverance.

“Patience” is another synonym for perseverance. Exercising patience with the bumpy road is one thing.

But it’s essential to be patient with ourselves, too, especially as we grow a business.

After all, if our deepest desire is to make a difference in the world, then contributing our skills, gifts, and ingenuity through our business can most definitely bring that dream to fruition.

Perseverance, the unsung path to a glorious result. Maybe not a dazzling or shiny path, but it offers a very fine reward. Let’s take it!

— Diane A. Curran

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