TMDeal-Word Today-Money BIG300Which one of these thoughts bubble up first when you think of money?

Money is the root of all evil. 

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Very few of us make it through childhood without a whole passel of these handy dandy catchphrases burrowing deep into our psyche. Then we start a business and whoops!  Up it comes, ready to highjack our best efforts, skulking unseen until we’re on the hairy edge of something important.

It takes guts to be an entrepreneur. Always leaping into the unknown, no guarantees, creating something from nothing, facing all sorts of outside pressures, worried about the marketplace, etc., etc.

Get a bunch of business owners in a room, and ask them what they know about money. When I do it in a seminar, the dusty homilies come pouring out, obvious groans mixed with a lot of laughter over how crazy these words sound out loud.

Yet the real enemy isn’t money. In the simplest terms, money is a medium of exchange.

Far more efficient than hauling around gold bars or conch shells. Why is the subject of money so painful?

Money isn’t complicated, or evil, or even inherently scare.

The problem is what’s buried deep inside us, hijacking our peace of mind, wreaking havoc with our psyches and spirits, muddying our clarity, and trapping us on a futile money treadmill, over and over.

Today is a good day to grab a blank sheet of paper (online or off) and do these 6 things:

1. Write the word “money” at the top.

2. Set a timer for 5 minutes. No kidding, with an audible alarm.

3. Take 5 minutes and write down whatever comes into your head about money.

No editing, no censoring. Don’t worry about grammar, or spelling, or any of that. Just write as fast as you can, and stop when the timer buzzes.

4. Walk away from what you wrote. Make a cup of tea, or pour yourself a cup of coffee. Sip. Relax.

5. Come back and read what you wrote. You may be surprised, or you may not.

There will be old familiar demons sitting on that page. Own it all. If you’re lucky, a flash of insight may remove an emotional hook or two.

Don’t be impatient with yourself. Money beliefs stick, and the ones that reveal themselves here have been running in the background for quite a while.

Here’s the all-important next step.

6. Do not keep what you’ve discovered today to yourself. Choose an ally.

It cold be a trusted, supportive friend. Or coach, or counselor.

Tell this person what you’ve discovered. Ask them to be your ally to support your desire, to shift your relationship with money from the inside out. 

It takes conscious effort, which a sense of hunt makes n much easier, to change your default internal monologue about money.

A great way to begin, is to write down one empowering or light-heated phrase for each negative phrase you wrote down earlier. Keep your new list as a reference, and add to as inspiration strikes.

Set a series of 4 check-in dates with your ally, to report on your progress or snags over the next 4 weeks.

The perfect time to do this is right in the middle of a tough business cycler. When unknowns loom larger than usual, stepping outside conventional thinking is essential to making a positive difference.

What personal money mantra comes to mind that immediately makes you smile? Meditate on that!

Having an empowered context for money is essential to your business success, whether you’re in start-up mode, a busy Millennial or a Baby Boomer with 30+ years of business history.

Today, you’re taking action to update and upgrade your current expectations of money.

Money is… a symbol of the magnificent abundance of life, in which you richly deserve to share.

— Diane A. Curran

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