TheMarketingDeal-WordToday ListenYou all know the power of words.

Sometimes they startle. Other times they soothe. They turn off, or turn on, a person’s desire to hear more.

Words play a key role in making business happen. How many do we get to choose from? Guesstimates range from 250,000 to almost a million words in the ever-expanding English language.

Heck, Shakespeare alone is credited with coining about 1700 new ones… including generous, gloomy and gnarled!

Language fans, see

Business owners can be forgiven their quest for the perfect catch-phrase, spiced with whatever compelling words they think their audience wants.

They stuff their “elevator pitch” and rattle off as many words as they can in 30 hot seconds. That’s still not fast enough, since the real attention span for this is barely 20 seconds. But there’s one big word that trumps any frenetic pitch every time.

What word is short, silent, and oh so sweet? Often magnetic?


It’s not a word you say, it’s what to do.

It’s what gives your communication with a client, a prospect, or an entire audience, real staying power.

Try it out today as a mantra in action. 

Ask, don’t tell, and listen attentively to what gets said. 

What you learn by listening can make all the difference in what you say in response.

— Diane A. Curran

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