wordpress-logo-iconThe ease of access accounts for many new and small businesses choosing WordPress, as a recent survey documents below. But how many site owners are properly backing up?

The Smart Move:

What can you do to protect yourself? The classic advice “Backup, Backup Backup” is not just for the data that resides on your computer.

When you”self host” your WordPress website, you use a hosting company like Go Daddy or Host Gator. Yet those remote servers don’t quite complete your backup needs, even though they have backup servers to their servers. If you were  hacked, or you or a staffer made a big error working on your own site,the best solution would be to restore  your site, and that takes some pre-planning.

Even if you are using one of the free backup services, they usually backup only your site contents, not your fully configured site. Yes, they may be free services, but you’ll spend precious time and money to rebuild your site if it becomes compromised. You’ll need to reconstruct all the detailed customizations you had, and that gets expensive.

What we use, and recommend, is a service allows you to restore your entire WordPress site with a click.

Blogvault backs up every aspect of your WordPress site, once a day. From the database itself, to files, themes and images, even comments, posts, and plugins. It’s the cheapest insurance possible for your most important digital asset. Plus, it was developed by an original Founder of WordPress, and I was very impressed with his helpfulness when I reached out to connect with him.

Whether your site is already live, or in development, do this today! You’ll even sleep better at night, knowing you’re virtually protected.

Nice to know:

These most recent stats from W3 Techs show WordPress continuing to outpace and dominate other SMS platforms (Content Management Systems) as well as website platforms in general.

How popular is WordPress these days? It’s massive. and trending upward. An earlier study by Pingdom shows the platform dominating the competition, and owning 48% of the Top 100 blogs. The Pingdom article about this study provides a fascinating glimpse into who is using what among these high profile websites.

— Diane A. Curran

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