Tonight I can truly says that “The dawn shall not be up so soon as I, to try the fair adventure of tomorrow,” thanks to William Shakespeare. I am posting shortly after midnight East Coast time. Too excited to wait for dawn here on the West Coast in LA. — Diane

Look what this early bird has just discovered!

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The Marketing Deck series is proud to announce publication today of the Play-by-Playbook via Motivational Press, available now on Amazon. The whole series is here.

This handy guide makes it easier than ever to Play Your Way to New Marketing Momentum. Get creative in mere minutes a day with the 14-Day QuickStart or 28-Day Draw. Let the cards generate more marketing ideas than you thought were possible, then use these guides to shape them naturally into clear marketing actions and plans.

It has 81 step-by-step templates to help you build your own Idea Bank, Cascade Funnels, and Marketing Campaigns, all streamlined to keep you moving forward without getting bogged down in details or indecision. Deal yourself in to marketing with creativity.

Best of all, after lots of instant inspiration in mere minutes of cards draws, spread of games, the Play-by-Playbook lets you capture everything to build your own Idea Bank, ready to and refresh  your marketing anytime without having to scramble from scratch when deadlines loom.

The journey thus far has been exciting, facilitating events that really do stimulate ideas instantly indigodually and in groups. Meeting and encouraging business professionals at every stage of experience to put play into their marketing, unleashing new creativity. All that real-world experience went into crafting this book to become a trusty custom library: a way to gather ideas for now and later.


Even more exciting news about is coming soon… stay tuned! 

Hint: It’s The 7-Day Sneak Peek online course, free to early birds, naturally.



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