1-themarketingdecksuite-diane-a-curran2016It’s exciting to be able to show you what the book and cards actually look like as we launch The Marketing Deck: Deal Yourself a Big Idea and our 90 Card Suite into the world today! This is an informal video giving you first peek.

Today was a big day for creating an online presence… what with the first Presidential Debate (you, every four years, like clockwork, here they come again!) causing so many to tune into YouTube. I shoot this just before that began. It’s also my late mother’s birthday, so I am doubly pleased today was our launch day.

We’ll be talking more about The Marketing Deck and the many ways to make the most of the book and cards—and some of the games you can play—in upcoming videos. What follows is the first video in our new playlist on YouTube… here we go!

Learn more about the project on our Amazon Author page, too.


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