Start with SuperFunny.

But how do you wind up closing in on a million Instagram Followers and nearly that many on Twitter? SuperFan Leslie Jones shows us the way to get SuperFollowed in 10 Smart Steps.

  1. Before birth, choose your parents wisely: get born a traveling Army Brat as the Summer of Love ends in 1967, then grow to be 6 feet tall.
  2. Get a basketball scholarship and bounce majors from law to engineering, medicine, accounting and communications, and take a DJ gig at the college station.
  3. When your friend signs you up for “Funniest Person on Campus Contest: show up and win.
  4. Quit basketball after that win, then college altogether, and bounce between LA and NY with highs and lows, audience love and hate, including a 3-year “go live life” break.
  5. Audition when SNL was looking for a African-American woman to join the cast, but get hired instead as writer, despite previously criticizing the show.
  6. After a brief appearance on air generated more controversy due to breeding  slave remarks, get tapped a year later anyway as the oldest new cast member.
  7. Tweet your SuperFan love of 2016 Rio Summer Olympics as you couch surf. Generate so much buzz that NBC does the unthinkable and invites you down, mid-Olympics. Go. Then slay.
  8. Parlay the love into more SNL cachet, and get cast in the female remake of Ghostbusters.
  9. When no one wants to dress you for the Ghostbusters Red Carpet, tweet that, too. Magically attract rising SuperStar Designer Christian Siriano and slay the red carpet, too, even when it’s green. Add fashionista to your resume, with this ongoing match made in heaven, leading the fashion world to life beyond anorexic blinders. When your Twitter account gets hatefully slimed, go straight to its CEO for appropriate redress. Respond with candid dignity to further malicious website hacks on SNL and late night TV, and relinquish site for social media only accounts.
  10. Bring your real-life SuperFan Tour de Force energy to the 2018 PeyongChang Winter Olympics, as NBC makes one of their smartest broadcasting moves to bring you to the Games for the whole shebang. All the athletes (and fellow broadcasters) want cool selfies with you! And viewers at home are grateful for the FFQ (Fun & Funny Quotient) that livens up the Games. Slaying again.

But is this Marketing Mastery?


Marketing done organically is rarely if ever easy when you are inventing it as you go. The path is never clear.

It only looks simple, even obviously logical, in hindsight. What Leslie Jones had was not some guaranteed path to success, because there isn’t one.

What Leslie did have, were the “magic” ingredients: the passion, the willingness to risk the unknown, the grit to keep going when derailed, and a mind open enough to reframe experiences along the way. Without these, her talents and energy would never have developed into honed skills. She strengthened not only her ability to perform under the normal pressures of life, but also to those that can come with public life. Hmmm, no wonder she “gets” Olympic athletes.

But what is Leslie Jones’ secret comedic sauce?

“It’s like basketball – knowing the fundamentals. People, they get into that creative bullshit, like “when I get on stage I just flow.” That’s when most of the time you’re bombing. That’s when your ass is bombing because your not organized. … People pay $10 to $20 a ticket and have to pay for two drinks, and you’re going to go up there and flow on these people’s money? I’m very serious about the stage.” —Pollster’s Jay Smith interviews Leslie Jones.

And speaking of ghosts, what every successful comedian knows is this:

“A joke’s a very serious thing.” — Charles Churchill, The Ghost (1763), book iv.

Must we all be funny?

Of course not.

Lest we get too serious, though, there is this, hinting at comedy’s enduring appeal:

“The law of levity is allowed to supersede the law of gravity.” —R. A. Lafferty, in Space Chantey (1968)

Marketing Mastery is boosted immensely by having a sense of humor about life and business. 

Couple levity and a light heart about oneself with the grit it always takes to practice and refine, as you work for the goals you set.

Ask any athlete, ask any comedian.

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