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Thanks for an outstanding interview!!

You really are the “Wow Whisperer”

Gail Elen

Producer, live radio series

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I was fortunate to be a guest of Diane Curan, on her weekly Facebook Live Broadcast, Play Your Way with The Marketing Deck. If you’ve never seen or heard Diane live, you should: she is incredibly inspiring!

As a host Diane put me right as ease. She’s a great communicator extremely engaging, warm and fun. I was a little nervous, but she made me completely comfortable, from the get go. She’s quick to ask pertinent questions that encourage one to explore their creative self as it pertains to marketing, without making one feel off guard or on the spot. I loved that!

The broadcast is fresh and spontaneous, bringing new life and inroads to your quest as an entrepreneur. In fact, you should also pick up her Book series & Marketing deck..They will challenge you and your business, in a new and unique way!

Thank you Diane!

Missy Gibson

Singer & Band Leader, Children's Shop Owner, Clothing Stylist

I want to thank you SO much for your tour. It was fascinating, and really fun. I have to tell you that my husband doesn’t even like art or museums… and he really loved it, too!!!

Museum Visitor

Diane goes live… in person & on air…

What a pleasure it was to spend time learning about marketing with Diane A. Curran. She has so much experience being an authority in marketing and made me feel very comfortable interacting live on Facebook. I was able to follow her lead and was at ease. As usual, I learned a lot from her because she has lots of experience. I can only hope others have the opportunity to experience this!!

Mark Simon, LUTCF

IRA Distribution Specialist and Tax Free Retirement Strategist

I enjoyed every moment of the FB Live session with the amazing Diane A. Curran, who is a marketing wizard. I learned a great deal from her in such a short amount of time & you can too, just by watching the replay!

P.K. Odle

Feng Shui Master and Institute Director, Owner of The Feng Shui Advantage

Diane leads with great explanations & instruction but gives us room to share, joke, play around and have fun with marketing ideas. She does a great job reining people in, when it is time to focus on someone who is sharing.

She also engages the group by getting all of us to participate without feeling intimidated. Everyone seemed really engaged and feedback afterward was that attendees found it very unique & fun.

Tressa Pope

Senior Loan Consultant

This was a lot of fun and a learning experience too. You have such a rich knowledge of marketing and I just love spending time with you as we chat about the various elements of marketing. You’re right, The Marketing Deck makes it fun!
Bruce Langford

Host of the popular podcast MindfulessMode, Expert on Bullying Prevention, Corporate Consultant

I am so impressed by Diane’s marketing knowledge and vast experience. I am not gifted when it comes to marketing but she has made it so much easier to comprehend and implement based on her Ingenious Marketing Deck!

She has amazing wisdom and insight and she and her program have been so invaluable to me. I was honored to be her guest at her recent live event and I highly recommend her Marketing Deck tools and books! Thank you Diane A. Curran!! 2764.png

Sonserae Leese

Artist, Graphic Design Instructor, Founder of a Not-for-Profit serving abused women

Hi Diane, Just wanted to tell you that your presentation at our Appreciation Event was superb! You are really a fine public speaker/docent/motivational and inspirational person. Thanks for sharing your talents. We all benefit!!

A Docent Colleague

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