What's at Play

“Playing is how we connect.”

From team-building in business— to health, learning, social well-being and joy— play is essential for adults, writes Sami Yenigun at npr.org.

Imagine! Explore!

Like Alice in Wonderland believing six impossible things before breakfast— marketers who give their imaginations free rein to explore the impossible use the secret to finding exciting possibilities: creative play.

Imagine and Explore with The Marketing Deal

Share! Tweak!

Before you can sell anything, you must have something to share that people get genuinely excited about. Strengthen the message you’ll bring to market by giving beta testers early access for tweaking: collaborative play.

Improvise and Experiment with The Marketing Deal

Perform! Captivate!

Performance is mesmerizing. From singing yourself hoarse at your favorite musician’s stadium concert, to a natural showman like the late Steve Jobs’ tease, “One More Thing.” We want to be spellbound: play to connect.

Share and Perform with The Marketing Deal

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