Be . The "I" in Marketing

There is more than one "I" that matters in marketing. If perception is everything, then fresh perspectives make anything possible.


It’s easy to assume that marketing is all about the bottom line or numbers crunching, as data sings a siren song. Yet information is rooted in life experience. Knowing what to listen for, observe and research, yields discoveries that profit us. Information shimmers with clues and cues for those who learn how to pan for gold.


The cliché that ideas are a dime a dozen dismisses their power. Excess praise for “execution,” i,e, getting things done, pushes us to ignore the flow of ideas and play it safe in the name of meeting marketing metrics. A commitment to Increase our receptivity to new ideas supports seizing marketing leadership.


Marketing that is inspired gives us the feeling that life is opening up. Inspiration is literally about breathing spirit in, and is seen as creative, nurturing, valuable. Inspiration is inclusive, drawing others to you, erasing barriers between people. Inspiration cannot be forced, yet is unstoppable when authentically present.


Immediate, unreasonable, instant knowing. Is there a place for flashes of intuition in marketing? Yes, it occupies the gap between art and science in marketing’s creativity and measurability. With intuition, remarkable concepts can explode full blown into awareness. Learning to use it unlocks the world of Aha!

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