Vortex lighter2 MedWhat is the best way to imagine the experience of lightning growth? Would you picture yourself changing or shifting in some way? Is there a standard way to measure it in dollars and cents? Or achievements? Is it a state of being? An inner feeling? Perhaps all of these will give you hints.

Yet if you asked 26 different experts in business, motivation, leadership, or life, you know you’d be inspired by at least 26 different answers. But imagine the time and work it would take to collect such wisdom on your own

Now imagine a lighting fast method of accumulating such wisdom and insights in a handy format that you could tap into anytime you want. Abracadabra! You’d have a book. In fact you’d have an International bestseller, aptly titled: Lightning Growth.

Now imagine discovering this new treasure online at an easy-to-use site… say Amazon… where you click buy, and this book flies right to you, as you relax in readiness to shift your life with “a secret system that if implemented would significantly increase the level of results you are producing in your life. We’re talking about all areas of life: health, business, finance, personal and communal leadership.Lightning Growth is designed to provide you those strategies in a easy to digest, quick read.

Guess what? You can have this now. Lightning Growth is new for 2017, and like magic, it hit bestseller status internationally right after release.

Many hands make  light work, and 26 minds converged to make this a rich and varied resource.

Among its business chapters is one by yours truly, Diane A. Curran, playfully titled “Business Lightning Bugs, Space Capsules & Badminton.” I begin by inviting you, dear reader, to consider the characteristics these two words evoke:

What is Lightning?

  • Sudden
  • Brief
  • Discharging
  • Unpredictable
  • Uncontainable
  • Transformative

What is Growth?

  • Incremental
  • Developmental
  • Increasing
  • Maturing
  • Valuable
  • Transferable

Which aspects would you welcome into your life if you could?


My chapter explore these questions and ideas with iconic examples of such growth. I answer the question “Can a Business Command Lightning to Strike?” with 6 discoveries I’ve used over to spark exactly this kind of growth!

Wishing you a magnificent 2017, I invite you to the world of Lightning Growth, and to let me know your own adventures.

— Diane

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