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Deal Yourself In. Play to Plan a Vision, Mission, Purpose. Made for the 21st Century Mindset. Second Edition Coming Soon!

TheMarketingDeck by Diane.A.Curran Cover 3x4.5It’s the Book for How We Read Now…

Plus… Our Second Edition, coming soon, will get you ready for what’s Next!

Imagine a book you can open to any page, start reading and get the story right away. Marketing ams for High Performance Communication, and this book was designed precisely for our 21st century reading style.

It’s the Deck to Deal Yourself In

Banish what’s boring, tedious and fearsome about marketing as you play to plan. Need a Big Idea? Take any one of the 468 waiting for you now. Presenting real-world strategies that transform marketing study into marketing synergy.

Pick a Card, Any Card, to let your imagination find instant freedom to create something unexpected and brand new!

It’s the Play-by-Playbook

Making Masterful Marketing just got easier with Step-by-Step Templates to capture brilliant but fleeting Big Ideas. Choose from our 14-Day QuickStart Guide, 28-Day Draw, Idea Bank, Idea Cascades and Marketing Campaigns.

Exciting news… for Our Second Edition, the Play-by-Playbook is turning virtual with a streamlined eBook for even greater ease and flexibility. 

It’s Your Special Event

Choose from several games to quickly craft a networking ice-breaker or team building session. Make your next company retreat both playful and productive with a wealth of new ideas. Play on your own, or experience our lively Facilitated Events and Keynotes.

For 2021, it gets easier than ever… as we go online to ZOOM our way to where you are, no muss, no fuss, feet up, and creative fun freed!

Play-to-Plan so you can Create by Choice

The Marketing Deck matches today’s ever-speedy pace. In business, as in life, we’re all re-inventing how we create and how we communicate. Play-to Plan opens up brainstorming and learning that energizes while it informs.

Imagine a 6-sentence marketing campaign  you make with 6 cards and the best ideas that jump out at you. It’s that easy to create new momentum! We can even start you off fast in 2021 ZOOMing your way online. 



Ready to Deal Yourself a Big Idea?

Making marketing creative is about to get faster, easier and way more fun!

Inspiration. Intuition. Information. Ideas.


Stay tuned for Our Second Edition, coming soon on Amazon!

Deal Yourself In  

Marketing is a game of mastery where principles and practice share a public stage. Will the audience approve and applaud? Or will the curtain descend amidst silence, requiring us to revise and rehearse, before we seek another audition with our desired audience? The Marketing Deck biz book trilogy is a one-of-a-kind resource that’s 21st-Century ready. Creative and educational; playful and powerfully instructive; focused and flexible to deal you a winning hand of Big Ideas fast— on your own or in a group. 

Stay tuned!! Our Second Edition will be ZOOMing ahead with new options in 2022!!



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  • The Book
  • The Deck of Cards
  • The Play-By-Playbook
  • It’s Your Special Custom Event to Design
  • Play-to-Plan so you can Create by Choice


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Biz Book Trilogy >  Second Edition, out soon on Amazon!

Private Play-Your-Way Events  Book > 2022

FREE Video Course “13 Marketing Strategy Secrets” matches the Card Suit for Spades/Goals in the book.  Link to videos on YouTube

Media Tour Radio & Podcast Interviews  Linked Here

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