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You can play your way to new marketing momentum!

Enjoy Diane’s chapters in these two collaborative books.

What early readers have said:

“You are a brilliant writer! I am compelled to READ this; not skim like I usually do.”  — P.F., Event Planner

“This book has heart. It really stimulates the kind of thinking for me that business can be joy instead of just more hard work.” — S.C., Custom Seamstress

“I’m blown away by how professional & polished your book is and I absolutely look forward to playing my way to a better understanding of marketing possibilities.”   — R.P., Educator

“The Marketing Deck is a clever way to put our minds to work while providing lively inspiration.  Leave it to the very talented Diane A. Curran to come up with this. Her ingenious deck of cards provides hundreds of ideas to create marketing campaigns.  Marketing has never been so fun.” — Suzanne Spurgeon, Founder, Women Media Pros 

“Just starting in on your book, Diane…a few superlatives are warranted: your writing is clear, lucid, clean…you are a great writer…easy to read, it’s a pleasant pouring of sorts…and that’s from someone with little exposure to marketing or sales.” — C. Howe, Tech Aficionado


Sneak Peek at TMD Card Suits

Sneak Peek at TMD Card Suits

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