How long has podcasting been around?

While the name itself owes much to Apple’s iPod, the roots of podcasting go back to the 80’s with several geeky ways of delivering talk radio styled content to listeners.

After several iterations, including some legal wrangling over what to call it, in 2004 journalist Ben Hammersley wrote about the growing technology, offering the name “podcasting” into the mix, and it stuck.

It’s had it;s ups and downs along the way, but has now become such a successful medium that more than 115,000 English language podcasts are beamed into a world where more than 42 million Americans listen in each day. Wow!

Podcasting has all the benefits of radio with a big improvement that suits it to perfectly to modern life: you can listen on demand. No need to build your life around a static device or set time. Podcasts fit into your life, your schedule and your preferred listening mode. People who commute are among podcasting’s most ardent fans, as they use their time productively or for pleasure while sitting in traffic. They learn, get entertained, or listen in on fascinating conversations.

History geeks may enjoy this timeline of notable podcasting milestones from the group behind International Podcast Day, inaugurated in 2014 and giving prominence, even with the new remote culture we are learning how to navigate.

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Not to worry, you don’t have to wait to learn what new and what’s now.

Steve Olsher, himself a successful podcaster and live radio pro, plus his terrific team, are making their New Media Summit available via livestream for each coffee his events. Steve has done something wonderful: he makes all the podcasting hosts available to all the attendees for one-to-one conversations and Q&A panels that are also very conversational in tone and content. You’ll get so much from tuning in!

It’s easy. To grab the link, click here, or on the summit photo at right to get connected.

You’ll find out what’s real, and what’s next, from those who are at the mic and making the future of podcasting right now.

I attended the first New Media Summit last year, and will happily be on site again this time.  I”ll be posting tidbits on Twitter @dianeacurran and my Facebook Biz Page, The Marketing Deal so stay tuned.


Oh, and in case you’d like to use your own time more masterfully…

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