Wave hello to Wow Whispering. Season 2 will debut Autumn 2021!

Podcast conversations that sparkle and spark, plus extra goodies!

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Hello from Diane…

My podcast is live and growing, and I am thrilled to be with you on this fine adventure!

What are we all about?

Wow is Spontaneous. Open. Expressive.

Whispering is Intimate. Still. Receptive.

In our modern age, moments rush in or away like quicksilver. Do we even make the time to savor a Wow, or reflect on a Whisper; to value such gifts?

.  .  .  .  .  .

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Our Guests

There are wonderfully lively and wise people everywhere. We offer compelling conversations with an exciting array of travelers in many walks of life.

Healers, performing artists, athletes. Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, psychologists and coaches, teachers and students. Writers and authors, shamans and animal intuitives, tech geeks and creative geniuses.

Imagine the wows and whispers that made their lives, changed their lives. We’ve invited them to share their gems with you. Enjoy!

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