Resoruces - Delicious Apples from DAC 3x3Here’s to your well-being and success in life and business! I’m sharing delicious apples, sweet with wisdom and nourishment here 😉

I love offering access to trustworthy resources that have worked well for me, and invite you to consider these terrific finds for yourself.

These are professionals and services with a longstanding commitment to customer care, leading & keeping current with their own industry’s best practices… and you’ll find they are owned and run by the nicest people!

Note: Most are either are Los Angeles based or ion demand in the cloud. Many provide services via phone or remotely, and are in demand for special circumstances or events. Just ask!

— Diane A. Curran

Professional Resources • Helping small businesses thrive and shine (The best in Professional Photography) (Flawless Retouching, no kidding!) (Chellie Campbell’s Financial Stress Reduction® Teleclasses) (Merchant Account services by Evelyn Siegel)

Personal Services Resources

Kay Rodine Interior Design (Certified Interior Designer. Residential projects of all types.) (Do your skin & self a huge favor!)

Online Services & Resources

iStockPhoto (Stock photos & graphic images to license) (Keep your passwords safe and accessible no matter what happens to your devices or notes (forgetfuleness, prying eyes, loss, disasters, etc.)

       MailBigFile (FTP service for frequent large file transmission needs) Platform, Theme Resource, e-Commerce and Hosting, all-in-one) (Website Platform, Theme Resource, e-Commerce and Hosting, all-in-one) (Biggest open-source, self-hosting website platform for those who love to D.I.Y.)

ElegantThemes (Top provider of customizable, very affordable, premium WordPress themes) (I am a longtime user and ET affiliate)

and of course… for all theses dives you cannot live with tin the 21st c Century. They really do have fabulous Customer Service.

Info Resources • Handy & practical to make online life easier (Making it easier be an informed citizen!) (Stay up-to-date on postal regulations & rates) (lists everything official about spam) (find out what’s spam and what’s really a scam)

The 3 sites below help you stay greener or junk-free:   –   –

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