When you have less than a minute to connect in a fast paced networking venue, can you make an impact?


What you need to do is be prepared with the two critical concepts that should – yes should – be driving your business forward.

Before you propel yourself into that high pressure atmosphere filled with speedy conversations… take a meditative moment, perhaps over a classic cup of coffee, to consider these two concepts: Vision and Mission.

• • •

Communicating Your Business Vision and Mission

Independent Business Owners are unique in the world of business and commerce.

Imbued with enough entrepreneurial spirit, and leaps of faith in their own gut instincts, they continually invent and reinvent themselves. They habitually micro-manage changes to their message in a volatile marketplace. Tempting a sit is, it interferes with clarity in the marketplace.

Taking time to develop clear vision and mission statements can seem as frustrating as sticking with a 5-year business plan when the economy suddenly shifts in an unexpected direction.

Yet only a clear vision and a coherent mission give a business its direction.

The key to creating vision and mission statements that sustain you and inspire your audience is three-fold:

(1.) Make Your Intentions Clear

Vision focuses on the impact you intend to make on the world.

What inspires you to work so hard? What contribution do you want to make?

Mission focuses on how you will do this. What will you provide and how?

Amazon has folded vision and mission into one comprehensive statement:

“Our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

Yes, they began with books, but now… there is almost nothing you cannot buy on Amazon to satisfy many of our needs for food, clothing and shelter.

(2.) Streamline Your Words

Nike’s founding vision was:  “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

Thus, they became famous for compressing their vision, their mission and a very strong customer satisfaction promise into three simple, dramatic, and indelible words: “Just Do It.”

How might your message be edited into a a handful of words, a smartly concise phrase with substance?

(3.) Be Authentic, Be Committed

Communicating a committed vision and mission, allows your networking to be authentic, powerful, impactful, and undeniable.

• • •

None of this means talking at breakneck speed.

It does require editing your words down to their simplest and most essential.

After all, you’ll want to leave a bit if silence for your message to sink in, and some more time for listening to the person you are with.

Listening? That’s another meditation topic entirely.

(Consider this, from an earlier blogpost in Word Today: Listen.)

For now, we can return our meditation on Vision and Mission for today’s cup of coffee.

— Diane 

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