Bruce Langford has a wonderful way of bringing the lightness and joy of mindfulness to the forefront. He is a masterful conversationalist as well as a considerate listener and gracious Host for his Podcast, Mindfulness Mode. Plus, he’s great fun with a smiling voice!

When we spoke, he inspired me to recall some of the early experiences that shaped my view of people and life. Naturally, these form the foundation of my present view of marketing, and we explored these themes and more.

He even got us talking about bullying and how it can come at us from unexpected directions.

Children cannot navigate bullying on their own, though they are so often left to cope in whatever way they can. The news is lately full of people who’ve been bullied right into adulthood. We need to take a stand as a world community to heal and transform this from “just the way life is” to a way of being that is far more empowering and healthy for all concerned.

No good comes for marketing that bullies either. The best marketing deal is always mutually beneficial, or it breaks down and leaves destruction, mistrust and pain in its wake. Some of you may have visited a page on this website that summarizes the steps and principles I see as essential to develop good deals. The link for this teeny tiny slideshow is here: Be. Defining the Deal.

I invite you to listen in to Bruce interviewing me, and read his well-crafted show notes summary as well, by clicking either image to visit this podcast episode #264 right here:


Learn more about Bruce Langford here, exemplified by this commitment:

“I’ve always loved helping others, and have worked in the field of bullying prevention starting in 2003. As I helped hundreds of students and adults through bullying situations, I began to use mindfulness techniques more and more to help them regain their confidence and happiness.” — Bruce Langford

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