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New Course . #1

Time Mastery For the Time Sensitive: How to Have Time Mastery in Business & Life.

A Video Course in 3 Modules

Who can use this course: 

You’d like to burn your “To Do” list.

You need more than 24 hours each day. 

Your software tools seem like frenemies.

You keep running from fire to fire.

Your sales and project goals have too much madness and not enough method.

• • • • • • • •

We create a context for making time your ally, including: 

1. Timing Is Everything 

The 7 Things to Do Every Week


2. Where the Time Goes & What to Watch When You Do It All

The Top 10 Hats We Must Wear in Business and Life & Not Wear Out


3. Targeting for Prospects & Projects 

When Time Is Money, Make It Count


We get exactly 168 hours per week, to use or lose. No more and no less. Life and work can play nicely together.

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New Program . #2

Wake Up Your Wow : Making Your Message Shine In Person, On Air, or Online

Private One-to-One Online Consulting/Coaching

Who can use these three programs: 

You get dry mouth just thinking about public speaking.

You turn into someone even you don’t recognize when a camera or mic is on.

You need much more time than the audience or event will give you.

You talk a blue streak when you get going and can’t seem to stop.

You think the “charisma fairy” gave you way too little, or more than you can manage. 

You trust your skills, but it’s been a while and you want a custom tune-up for today’s audiences.

• • • • • • • •

Each Private Program has 3 Zoom Video Sessions and 2 Outside Discovery Assignments • Email for Details 

Private Program . Wow One 

Owning Yourself

Discovering Your On-Off Switches

Private Program . Wow Two

Finding Where You Fit

Who Would You Be If You Weren’t You

Private Program . Wow Three

Stand Up to Stand Out

Everybody Wants Your Everyday Charisma

Grow confidently more crowd-ready for the challenges of presenting and connecting with ease in any moment and in any venue.

COMING this Fall

New Course . #3

Rising In Rank : Inside a Best-Selling E-Book Campaign on Amazon

A Video Course in 6 Modules

Who can use this course: 

Your book is on Amazon but you have not done a sale promotion.

Your social media accounts are hibernating. 

Your email list is not automated.

You don’t know what to say in a campaign. 

You feel the passion but the world hasn’t run toward you yet.

• • • • • • • •

We spill all, including: 

1. Plan A: A Big Idea 


2. What I Did Not Expect


3. Plan B: Being in Action


4. What I Discovered IRL


5. What Happened, The Results


6. What’s Now & What’s Next


Our own behind the scenes case study with what worked and what didn’t, and plenty of details to use, adapt and help focus your own campaign(s).

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