Hello dear reader: Let’s keep this super short and sweet, in the spirit of time mastery...

The FREE & very innovative WINGS of Success Summit is live online each day beginning at 9 AM EDT Tuesday 4/23 for 5 richly rewarding days. Yep, that’s 6 AM for us West Coasters 😉 Rise and shine!

Tune in for a wide-ranging group of generous, experienced, committed speakers.

The focus changes each day to give you all you need for lasting success.

Yours truly is among Tuesday’s speakers, and yes, my presentation is designed to shift your focus on time to a new mindset.

Its title is Time Mastery for the Time Sensitive.”

Due to the marvels of modern broadcasting technology, you can listen to today’s presentations at anytime during the day once you have access to this terrific library, not that the summit is complete. Here’s the main link with all the details in case you need it. Easy!


Looking forward to being with you. So many fine experienced and generous speakers in this summit.

With Night Owl & Early Bird cheers for every time,


The focus in the Wings Success Summit is Mindset, Mojo, Money since all three are crucial to every success. Fly with us!

• • •

2020 Update: Guess what? Time had its way with me, like it always loves to do, LOL.

I learned far more than I realized I needed ot know in the last 2 years!

Now, I am revamping my entire course on Time Mastery to debut in 2021.

Stay tuned! You’re gonna love it, especially if you and time have not been the BFFs lately!

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