Kim Sutton is one of the most relaxing on-air hosts I’ve had the good fortune to chat with. She’s gutsy enough to take on a topic that sends many people diving for the covers, ready to call in sick: Productivity!

An image comes to mind. Picture a classic black & white movie from the 40s or 50s zooming in on some frowny guy with a clipboard and stopwatch. He glowers over beleaguered employees, barking out ways to make then work faster, faster, faster. Ugh!

Kim is light years above that nonsense. In fact, she’s pretty darn funny; a podcaster with such a good sense of humor that she delights in bloopers, sharing them regularly with her audience. I had little to fear in case my urban location captured  on mic the usual city blare of sirens, helicopters, screeching brakes, barking dogs or phones ringing. Or more likely, random word stumbles.

It was such a pleasure being a guest on Kim’s podcast show.

What I love about Kim’s Positive Productivity, is that she doesn’t let the small stuff wrestle for control of what does matter, and she radiates ease and warmth quite naturally.

Tune in for a creative conversation about making life better along the way, no matter the unexpected challenges. Kim has honed her productivity skills the real world way: she’s a growing-business owner, wife to a loving husband and business partner, AND mom to five. Wow!

We geek out a bit, as I’m am artist who learned to love timesheets and spreadsheets. I see them as treasure maps, ready to be spice up with color, one-page tools to run my own business without getting mired in statistics that measure unnecessary minutiae.

Here’s one of my own Time Mastery secrets: I wear my writer’s hat a lot, but never for a business plan. I do plans on spreadsheets, which forces the text to fit into tiny boxes. I discovered that if I cannot say it in a few words, I’m not not going to roll up my sleeves on some long-winded, boring sounding task.

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Happy listening!

— Diane


The turquoise image links directly to our interview on iTunes.

The purple image links to Kim’s full website (lots of great goodies!) and includes episode #138 on her podcast page.

Here is a quick look at what Kim Sutton’s Positive Productivity brand is all about. She has so much to offer. Check it out!

[Helping] clients break out of their battered and bruised business owner roles by…

  • Helping them find their Why;
  • Strategizing and implementing the products and solutions their heart is calling them to create, and;
  • Systemizing their business in a way which allows time for loved ones and self-care.

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