Words have so much power in our lives.

We remember important words for days, years, even decades.

Recalling certain words can transport us emotionally to the way we felt when they came alive in us for the first time, grafting themselves into our very essence.

Words can heal, and they can hurt.

In honor of World Kindness Day, today November 13th, 2017, I want to consider a question that wove a spell in my mind as I was creating one of my frequent digital collages:

What if we raised an entire generation on kindness?

Imagine what that could do to change the course of human history?

Imagine daily life where kindness was a fundamental principle of connection— with people, with flora and fauna, and with our very planet.

Imagine a world in which the wonder we are born with was given the nurturing that it needs to stay alive and thrive.

What if one kindness were worth a thousand thoughtless inattentions.

What a world we could – we can – create. Let’s!

• • •

Where does marketing fit within this mediation? Marketing messages use both words and images that intend to achieve High Performance Communication. We’ll do even better to consider that commerce without a commitment to making a difference is incomplete. A marketing deal only works when it has value for all parties who participate or are impacted. So, when we commit to kindness, this moves us in ways that allows a context for mutual value to be created, offered, and received.

Lately, I’ve been meditating and writing to explore the common phrase “one picture is worth a thousand words.” Today, I’d like to bring those two realities—pictures and words— together. I’ve posted a small series of images with their intuitive titles here, from the series #DianeDigitalCollages. (Click any image to see the details larger.)


Words of a Feather Flock Together

In Honor of World KIndess Day

Her 3rd Eye Search



9x9x1-xyz Sharing The Fruits

A Quadratic Equation for Visionaries . Mandala

Quiet Heart . Mandala

Eighteen for Kuan Yin . Mandala

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