Travel conjures up far away places and exotic adventures in our imaginations, yes?

But travel in reality is a series of small here-and-now experiences that make or break expectations of travel bliss.

In April I went not so far away, from Los Angeles to San Diego. Yet it did give me an updated taste of transportation norms, courtesy of Lyft.

What’s so masterful about Lyft?

Let’s take a page from my own website to explain: the topics below are marketing principles right on my own homepage slider.

1. Marketing Is Personal

Marketing is personal because each human being is unique. Since today’s fancy targeting tools undermine privacy, marketers must work harder to gain permission and earn trust.

I have always found Lyft Drivers amicable and sensitive to making the ride peasant. While in San Diego, I had 2 longer rides between the train station and hotel, and they were truly delightful. One driver and I talked business logistics, and the other and I humorously reminisced abut 60’s motorcyle culture. Both expressed genuine satisfaction with their jobs, and saw Luft as a work choice they were very happy they’d made.

Without being the least bit pushy, I found each driver’s unique personality able to shine amidst delivery of a business philosophy that really did earn my trust. Not just for the ride in progress, but for the future. Left has become my first choice every time.

Clean cars, prompt arrival, relaxed conversation, natural courtesy. Oh, and their software works like a charm. Always five stars (their highest rating) from me.

Left understands that word of mouth is a conversation.

2. Marketing Is Primal

Survival. Security. Love. Community. Adventure. Freedom. Fun. Humanity lives within being, doing, having. Marketing messages that matter fulfill on primal needs.

Lyft’s Twitter page says “It matters how you get there.” it does indeed, because the journey IS the adventure. Weeks later, I still recall the fun of those two conversations. Their free spirits and sense of fun bubbled up naturally even while they were efficient and getting me to my destination.

Let me focus on safety, too, because riding in a car with a stranger requires a ton of trust in both directions.

Lyft’s website has a page titled “We Go the Extra Mile For Safety” and outlines 6 key measures in place to protect their passengers AND their drivers. Their two-way ratings system is a brilliantly simple way to ensure they are a great company to ride with, and also to work for. Their five stars are not just about PR, they are a standard they aim to fulfill for rider and driver satisfaction.

3. Marketing Makes Waves

The ocean doesn’t send one wave onshore and call it a day. Effective marketing flows in rhythmic repetition for visibility, memorability and magnetism.

I cannot recall a bad Lyft ride, whether it’s been a short hop in my neighborhood, or long ride from the Newark Airport into NYC.

Each ride is a wave and a marketing validation. Lyft has shown me they get it. Happy drivers Lyft happy riders. Each and every time.

4. Marketing Thrives with Team Play

Bringing outside voices in for a collaborative marketing development process reveals blind spots to clarify and strengthen a message.

As impressive as Lyft’s routing algorithm’s are, wherever you live, you know ins and outs that can still top that. When Lyft’s algorithm directed us toward the freeway going from my home to the train station during rush hour, I knew it wasn’t the best route. I’ve found Lyft drivers always willing to team up with my insider’s scoop on local rides. Together we got there faster using my secret route, and they could book another ride quickly.

Lyft is smart about carbon emissions, education and social responsibility, too; because they know we all share this planet, and need to team up for our health and preservation. Team play for the win-win!



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