www site resources diane.a.curranThose of us who were early adapters know that websites are infinitely easier to create these days, with an abundance of choices to select from.

In one case, a client came to me in panic that he needed to be online in a heartbeat for a conference he was attending almost immediately.

He had been a successful on air host for decades but was not computer-geeky. He’d done very well generating new business by telephone, but wanted a simple website he could show to clients, one listing briefly what he has to offer. Quick! He did not want bells & whistles or e-commerce at this stage, if ever.

I advised him to focus on what he excels at with prospects – talking by phone (he’s a gifted and warmly natural closer) – to qualify inquires and focus on those who want to take action quickly, too. Later, with more time to plan, he could add email and subscription options with clear offers that his nascent team could learn to manage effectively.

I recommended a streamlined One-Page website to move him online fast.  It’s a single scrollable long page, but just one page. This has now become a very popular site display style.

After a couple of earlier preliminary interviews to learn about his company and advise him on market positioning, I got his hosting set up, then built the website… in a day. His reaction?

” I am agog. I cannot tell you what a sense of awe I felt to see on the screen way more than I imagined possible.” 

• • •

What do you need to get online this quickly?

Every business owner has a unique set of strengths and challenges in business and marketing. Its essential to identify these 6 marketing realities:

1. How new or established is your business?

2. How do you market and brand yourself now, if at all?

3. What professional stature have you established already in your marketplace?

4. What do your prospects NEED to know about you to choose you?

5. What are your immediate goals and marketing outreach plans for the next 90 days?

6. Who will mange or direct website maintenance and communications for your business?

These six questions yield a very practical picture of your marketing priorities, and which type of website and communications ail serve your business growth best.

For some businesses, a Single-Page website can stand alone, and serve you very well for a specific product, service, or offer.For others, it’s a useful introduction to your business, to get you visible while a more extensive online presence is conceived and built.

For every business owner, a website is the introduction that speaks at the speed to light… use it to make yourself visibly different!

Popular resources that can get you online fast:

D.I.Y. site building resources

These big twin gorilla website resources, with excellent SEO built-in, are used by gazillions, with many thousands of free and premium themes, and oodles of one-page themes to choose from.

WordPress.com  (Free and hosted for you, no software installation needed. They now have premium upgrades and custom domain options)

WordPress.org (Free downloadable software to install, but you must “self-host” via hosting service like Go Daddy, HostGater, etc. An signature advantage of thus platform (some others have adopted it) is you can change themes and go from a one-page site to a multi-page site without having to re-upload your content. You may need to reformat it for the new theme.

(See excellent comparison by wpmudev)

You are on a self-hosted wordpress.org site right now, using premium provider Elegant Themes Divi theme with lots of customization options.

D.I.Y. for posting mavens/addicts

These free social media providers make it easy to post as often as you wish, with a professional-looking presence, while giving you time to investigate other ways to build a fully-featured site.

Tumbler (Samples of terrific Tumbler sites here: Best Tumbler Blogs to Follow)

Instagram (See Rolling Stone’s list of The 100 Best Instagram Accounts here)

Facebook (You must have a Personal Account, to this is a quick two-step since it is best by far to create a separate Business Page and not mash-up personal and business identities. See my Facebook page here)

Hybrid services (diy + done-for-you elements)

These are subscription platforms where you choose a theme, then drag and drop, or copy and paste, into their platform and you are good to go.

Squarespace.com (specialized One-Page site options here)

Shopify.com (seller-oriented, but not a requirement)

Wix.com (Their Landing Page themes here. Caution: theme changes require rebuilding sites)

• • •

Happy building!

— Diane A. Curran

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