hey gangWhere have I been?

As any published author will tell you, there are way too many surprises before you even launch your first book.

No matter how prepared you work hard to be, it’s like your first roller coaster ride. Where will you feel giddy and airborne? Where will you be so terrified you wonder what possessed you to ever get on this ride? There’s no way to tell what’s coming when, because you’ve never done this before.

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve been immersed deeply in proofing and formatting and cover choices and book blurbs and launch logistics to a fare-thee-well. Friends have wondered whether i dropped off the planet. Social Media seems an ocean full waves where I’ve lost my surfboard. Minutia is my new middle name.

Alternating between the terrors of spellcheck errors, and recalibrating the ever-expanding list of tasks, I think I’ve lost the capacity for normal human conversation that’s not task-oriented.


My Close-Up is when???

In the midst of all this, I had to jump up the date for my author head shots by 2 weeks. Yikes!

So much for my fantasy that I’d have time to get thinner. Hah! Blessedly, I have a wonderful photographer with whom I’ve worked many times, both for client projects and in prior sittings myself.

Starla Fortunato is beyond masterful. Click on her name and you’ll be dazzled.

You can see the results of Starla’s magic touch on the About Page and scattered elsewhere on this site.

Amazingly, my wonderful printing production house in New York (Superior POD) also came through, so the prop I wanted most—the Card Deck that pairs with the book—was ready when I needed it, along with the wardrobe I managed to ferret out from various hidden locales in LA.

All I had to to was drive 35 miles to my hair stylist Kim (I found her when I first moved to LA in 1988, and I’m never leaving her, no matter how far away she moves, haha) to be ready for my close-up. Oh, and press my shoot wardrobe for the next day.

Naturally, my part of LA had a 100+ degree heat wave slam us with excellently timed precision. So I was ironing my heart out late at night before the shoot, wondering if my newly-perfect hair would wilt in all the humidity. Somehow, it didn’t. The next morning, buzzing with what seemed like a caravan’s worth of wardrobe and props packed fast-and-furiously into my car, I drove over the hill to Starla’s studio. Every construction crew in LA suddenly decided it was the perfect moment to repair Laurel Canyon, so I had ample time to calm down as I crawled like a snail in molasses. Miraculously, I was less than 15 minutes late. Some people consider that on time in LA, and thanks to decent cell coverage despite the canyon, I had alerted Starla that I was not MIA.

Aside from a fabulous studio filled with the best natural light, and every possible bit of equipment you could imagine needing, Starla makes the whole experience truly fun. She even fed me organic vegan food, my favorites, as the  wizardly Kriz did my makeup. The most hilarious thing was the music. Starla wanted to know what I liked and was all set with an Internet station selection that gave us lots of very specific options.

I suggested Latin on the order of Santana’s Soul Sacrifice. Strangely, the radio station decided that meant the one band I really was not ready to hear—Credence Clearwater Revival. What?? We needed something else, so I said how about the Rolling Stones? More Credence Clearwater. Wha…? Randomly, a station popped up playing Led Zeppelin. Perfect! Let’s stick with this, I said. Of course eventually Credence Clearwater snuck itself in again, but somehow the Stones did too, so all was well and we had a rockin’ relaxed time.


Guess what?

guess whatZipping right along, it’s 4 weeks to Book Launch Day!

Speaking of days, I reach reached Day 50 when I was enmeshed elsewhere and the Cover Reveal is coming right up.

Ahh, the vagaries of being a creative marketing solopreneur! So many tasks—so little time! 😉

But this rushing around has given me a fresh view.

Naturally, it’s let me see that the website needs some gussying up for Launch Day.

So I”m reshuffling pages, adding some new ones, and getting ready with even more ways to Deal Yourself In over the remaining 4 weeks.

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gotta go

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