Last year The Marketing Deal selected 12 companies to receive our Marketing Mstery designation. Here is proof that they are still at it, making marketing waves to make their presence known.

Apple was our February choice.

No stranger to controversy, they were navigating a large serving of bad publicity with their speed-throttling controversy.

Owners of older iPhones got pretty incensed, but Apple was quick with a fix. Their straightforward apology was highlighted on their website.

Yet as an example what makes them masterful, and caused our applause months earlier, Apple continues to be extremely good at one-to-one customer service.


I was unable to pair the new earPods I had received a gift, since I own an older model iPhone myself. At my local Apple Store where I walked in unannounced, two staffers took up the challenge with a smile and figured out how to to it for me. All for free, and without trying to sell me on a newer iPhone. It’s the kind of experience that builds loyalty one moment at a time.

Read a bit more at these earlier link:

Today, Apple upped the ante.

They announced a 5-year plan that is unusual in its focus and old commitment. As reported by The Verge:

Apple commits to contribute over $350 billion into US economy over the next five years
Investments in manufacturing, the App Store economy, and 20,000 new employees.

And they won’t just stuff these 20,000 new employees into their existing campuses, the original One Infinite Loo or the new space-stationesque Apple Park that opens fully in April. Nope.

They will build yet another campus, focusing on technical staff, location TBA.

When you are a public company, reporting to shareholders, and stalked regularly by the media and politicians alike, you best mean what you say.

No empty promise will do. In order to fulfill the one, they need to keep people happily racing their way. Consumer drift? Not in their vision.

That’s how to do business as unusual.



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