The Marketing Deal on PasswordSecurity postAre we really ready for The Internet of Things, or IoT? We’ll soon have so many devices that can access our personal data, it might not be quite the space-age paradise we envision.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard news of a personal tech nightmare like the confession of a high-profile tech writer who had his entire cadre of online devices wiped by one very malicious hacker. The writer was quick to notice, and went right to the top people at Apple and Amazon, who both responded quickly and worked to help him restore the data he had long thought was safe.

Here is the original news story that grabbed my attention: Wired’s Mat Honan wrote about what happened to him.

NYT blogpost by Brian X. Chen about the password problem here.

However, some of us don’t use our devices 24/7, so we think we’re safe. No! We just might not see such damage right away if it were to happen to us. We certainly don’t have high-enough public profiles to get the top brass of corporate giants working to help us fix a password hack at the speed of light.

Let me sound a wake-up call about password security now.

Alas! I still hear cringe-worthy tales from colleagues, clients and friends who keep their password collection on paper, in some folder they can barely find. Their password habits put them and their data security at major risk.

It’s long past time to get a software app that stores and secures password for you. And yes, you nee dot keep it in the Cloud. I know, there are many Cloud skeptics among us. But what if your new puppy stops eating your kids’ homework long enough to chew up your password papers? Or they get thrown away by mistake? Yeah, that happens a lot. Not a fun time.

We have met the enemy and he is us…

The too common refrain I hear from clients, colleagues and friends about their password is… “I don’t remember it.” or… “I have no real system, so I just use one or two that are easy to remember.” 

Worse yet, I’ve actually had people tell me the password they like using is… you guessed it… Password1.


You really will sleep better wth your devices safe.

It’s long past time get into the 21st century and put password encry[tion software on your top taks list. Get your passwords out of those desk drawers, or out of your computer’s documents folder (where they are sitting ducks for hackers) once and for all!

Whether by subscription or a flat fee, make sure any software you get has military-grade encryption (256 bit). Take the time to get your passwords out of those desk drawers, or out of your computer’s unencrypted documents folder once and for all!

Here are some very helpful posts on what to do to ensure you have better password security in place. Many of them eve generate strong password,s so you don’t have to think them up, and they can log-in for you. All you need to know is the password for the software instead of carrying dozen around in your overtaxed memory.

PC Magazine has posted a review article The Best Massword Managers for 2016. Well worth checking out.

Another review source that does a good job comparing features is TopTenReviews, with this article: Password Management Software Reviews.

Wired Magazine, always on top of what’s new, lists the best free software here: You Need a Password Manager. Here Are Some Good Free Ones.

Watch a video on Google’s 2-step verification here.

Here is the Apple link to creating an ID, which is not the same as an iTunes purchaser account.

There are plenty of password protection apps out there for mac or pc… just do it! 

— Diane A. Curran

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