A brief P.S. to my Amazon book promotion for The Marketing Deck Kindle Edition.

What would you expect?

Imagine yourself focused on a very long list of tasks as you prepare to offer something to the world that you fervently want them to find both appealing and useful.

Sleep, and maybe a bit of sanity, goes out the window. You plan and write and design and edit and revise and second guess yourself, and yes… worry!

The last thing you can even consider is what the world will tell you about yourself. The riveting questions you become obsessed with get pretty simple, and pretty terrifying: will the right people even see your ads and posts? And will they buy?

You know you’ll have answers before long. The crickets may come calling, though you’d frankly rather they didn’t.

Better to have songbirds chirping in sun-dappled trees, yes? Sales tell you what’s so, and Amazon is nothing if not immediate in generating stats that tell you if you’re climbing the ranks. Happily, my recent Kindle Edition sale of The Marketing Deck was a sales success.

I’ll have final figures from my publisher shortly, but Amazon’s metrics were an immediate mood elevator for me. Whew!

Yet something totally unexpected took place, too.

Utterly delightful support came from those who generously spread the word beyond themselves to those in their circles, on Facebook and elsewhere in social media and even in real life. Below are a few of the messages that had ME flying around the sky, even without wings.

MANY thanks to the wonderful clients, colleagues and dear friends whose word of mouth made such a positive difference. Below is a sampling of soaring generosity from those who lent me their wings.

The one that had me blushing, posted on my Facebook feed, is this:

Just starting in on your book, Diane…a few superlatives are warranted: your writing is clear, lucid, clean…you are a great writer…easy to read, it’s a pleasant pouring of sorts…and that’s from someone with little exposure to marketing or sales.  — Claus H.

• • •

The secret to marketing is that it IS so fundamentally personal. The relationships we forge are far more powerful than any classic metrics we know must be measured.

These relationships are the real gold.

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