The modern era of book sales is a labyrinth, within a maze, all hidden within abstract puzzle pieces that come without a guiding picture.

Really? Yes. There is a way to put the pieces together.

No. There is no guaranteed path to getcha there. Predictable book sales? We live in a  viral world, and sales projections are as likely to fly or flop as any viable where social media rules the day and book industry has take leave of virtually all its traditions.

That said, there are more authors than ever, and we are an intrepid lot. To celebrate the first anniversary of my own biz book trilogy, I have undertaken a 99¢ sale of the Amazon Kindle Edition off my first book. The Marketing Deck: Deal Yourself a Big Idea. The one with the bright red cover. When the sale is complete, I will post some stats once I get a hold of them, and share what I learned, which has been PLENTY in a short few weeks of preparing.

For now, Here is one of the Facebook LIVE videos I posted about the sale today, for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Hello! Having a blast with our super 99¢ DEAL on Amazon for The Marketing DECK KIndle edition. You can get it to go here:

Posted by The Marketing Deal on Thursday, October 26, 2017

• • •

The Sale is extending slightly beyond the 24-Hour window, which my publisher tells me is often how it’s done on Amazon. More about logistics in my next post. The strategy with all such discounted promotions is to spike sales and improve the book’s ranking on Amazon. I will say one thing for now: this doesn’t happen by itself! Not even close!

• • •

Here are are a few of the many variations on promo images I created which are all over my social media accounts:



Part 2 will follow once the Sale Event is complete.

For now you can hear don over to the Amazon Sales Page to see the sale up close and personal. You  might even want to partake and Get It To Go for yourself!

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