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” To Diane Curran, author, consultant, artist, designer—you visually elevated my work into the stratosphere. All I can say is wow. Just, wow!”
— J.J.Hunter, Ph.D., CCC-SLP | Speech-Language Pathologist

 ” Diane is a brilliant digital marketer. She created a beautiful website that vividly expresses what I offer and what I stand for. She worked with me in a very creative way, where we partnered together in my branding and marketing strategy. She was patient when she needed to be, and pushed me when I needed it. She is a wonderful resource to put yourself on the digital map of the marketplace.”

— B. Pogorel | Master Executive Coach to Fortune Corporate Organizations, BarryPogorelLeadership.com

” Diane’s facilitating was excellent! She’s very gifted and has so much great info that is very helpful. Clear, concise and easy to understand.”
—S. Leese, Founder’s Strategy Event for an emerging Not-for-Profit organization

” Diane is amazing.  She looks into your soul and finds the best way present it to the world.  WOW says it!!”
— M.H.Cotter, LMT | Massage Therapist

“Diane, you were awesome during the show, you are like a Marketing Treasure Chest, and then on top of that you are fun!”
— Rick Young, Morning Host, WHCR 90.3 FM (City University of New York)

“Thanks for an outstanding interview!! You really are the “Wow Whisperer.”
— Gail Elen, Producer and Radio Co-Host, Waking Up In America, VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

“Diane leads with great explanations & instruction but gives us room to share, joke, play around and have fun with marketing ideas. She does a great job reining people in, when it is time to focus on someone who is sharing. She also engages the group by getting all of us to participate without feeling intimidated. Everyone seemed really engaged and feedback afterward was that attendees found it very unique & fun. I interpreted the cards one way when playing solo but in a group setting, got different perspectives. What I thought were ‘not so fun’ cards – were actually viewed as something quite interesting!”
—T. Pope, Senior Loan Consultant (Host for a Private TMD Event)

“Thank you for a wonderful morning of info, charm, exuberance and oh-so-much more, in the unique Diane Curran manner. All were thoroughly engrossed in your presentation, as was I. You are fabulous!”
—S.P., Residential Placement Services for Seniors, Co-Chair M.A.P.S.

”Expertly done from the get go. After 30 years, you have truly changed my organizational abilities and skills! A new skill set as simple as can be. This keeps me focused and monitoring on a case-by-case basis the people that I meet through networking groups. I owe this to you!”
—M.W., IRA Specialist, 401(k) Specialist, Investment Protection Advisor

“Diane Curran is exceptionally talented, intuitive, and creative. At my Association of Image Consultants International Conference, my business card was chosen as the most perfect brand representation among my professional colleagues.”
— D. Olson, MA, AICI, CIP, Image and Etiquette Consultant

“I just got a fertility client because she said of all the websites she looked at, mine felt the most warm and inviting. Thank you Diane for always helping me brand and market myself so beautifully.”
— L. Malerstein, BCH, C.Ht.

“I very much appreciate all I learned from your programs. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. Mostly, I knew I didn’t know much of anything about marketing, and that had to change. Now I know a good bit about marketing, and how to market my practice. Whereas before my vision of the future for my practice was vague and haphazard, now, for the first time, I feel as if I have a plan to create a successful and enduring practice.”
— J.B., CMT | Neuromuscular Therapist | Massage Therapist

“I would just like to thank you for making something that I thought was going to be uncomfortable and very labor intensive relatively easy, clear, and quick to accomplish. With all of the options available in terms of website design, image and how that relates to branding, Diane made my choices clearer and easier than if I were trying to figure this out alone. Diane’s thoroughness and patience throughout the website building process was invaluable. She made me feel like there were no “stupid questions”, walked me through the process whenever I felt overwhelmed (which was often!) and made complicated concepts easier to grasp. My “brand” is now represented by my site. I could not have asked for more.”
— C. Perry, MFT

“Thanks for your wonderful support. I learn from you!  I noticed a higher number of visitors [at our trade show booth] who asked “real” tax questions and voiced their need to use our service. “
— J. Rhodius, MBA, EA, JRT International, Inc.

“Looks awesome. You did an amazing job and I appreciate your help in getting me pulled together in such a professional and appropriate presentation. I couldn’t have hoped for something remotely this good with the avenues I was seeking. You are truly a blessing in my life!”
— S. Moravec, Attorney at Law

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