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Greetings from The Wow Whisperer… in Los Angeles, over the airwaves & online.


Diane A. Curran is The Wow Whisperer, whom people hire to Wake Up Their Wow! An artist, writer, and career marketing and branding consultant for many years, she is the founder of TheMarketingDeal.com, cavorting happily inside her computer and among many online virtual realities. Celebrating 5 decades of marketing and 6,000+ presentations delivered in a diverse range of venues and creative media, she considers every day a fresh adventure. Her podcast, Wow Whispering is a warmly fun conversational series, with Seasons 1 and 1.5 out on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and fun new interactive podcast platform Podopolo. Stay tuned for Season 2 coming next!

She’s been in her Ideas & Ideals Virtual Lab creating a new online course that will, as usual, be one of a kind… more to come on this in late Autumn 2022. She is also the author of The Marketing Deck series, a one-of-a-kind biz book trilogy and game suite with a fun custom 90-card deck, which will soon be be available in a Second Edition when it morphs into an online app. Readers can play their way to new marketing momentum as it makes both Idea Banking and Marketing Planning way simpler and easier.

Diane’s worked with thousands of clients and managed projects for everything from Winter Olympics fundraising campaigns, the early stages of Fidelity Investments, and a wide range of high tech, business-to-business marketers, and many regional/national not-for-profit and cultural organizations during her Boston days.

Since moving west to LA, she has focused on small business and highly skilled professionals in practice, helping many a talented and dedicated vision-holder find their public voice. She’s guided new owners to spread their wings, and works with wonderful clients with entrepreneurial spirit at every stage of business development.

When she left Boston, little did she know her decades as both a speaker and artist would find her teaching people about Kings Louis XIV, XV and XVI and other historical renegades and artifacts. They are among the Getty Museum’s treasure trove of lavish art collections she guides visitor to savor with fun and frolic. When leading tours, Diane is fond of inspiring visitors of all ages and cultures to engage in lively chats and ponder… “What message is this work of art communicating to you?”

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