It is a true honor to announce that I am featured as a speaker on 1/4/21 (two times AM and PM) as part of the amazing WORLD INSPIRE-THON series to unite everyone across the globe in positive energy for 2021.

The most dedicated, creative and welcoming people have made this possible. You’ll want to explore the many fine speakers from around the world whom they have gathered, and experience what that been brought together in record time. Here we are, just a few days into 2021, and they are leading us to new heights! Many thanks to Dr. Azeeza and Dr. Serge, who are two of the wonderful people I have gotten to know as they nurture and expand this event and growing worldwide community.

The event is FREE! It’s easy to sign up using this link. Time zones will vary, since it’s worldwide, and you can view it live, or on replay, through January 10th.

Would love hear your comments!

Register Here for Free.

Start with a Whisper, Soar with a Wow

My presentation is called “Start with a Whisper, Soar with a Wow: Life in Full Circle.”  I bring you an informal video conversation about what is possible for each and every one of us at this moment in time. You may see others and marvel at their energy or accomplishments,  yet you do not see the same opportunities or possibilities for yourself. Or, you may feel exhausted by the rushing tumult and challenges of life, and seek a calmer center of personal balance or growth.

There’s one one very important word and opening I share in this video, and which I’ll I invite you to meditate upon, to expand your understanding of what is seeking to be brought into brighter light for your shining self.

I also offer 6 practices to support you tapping into the possibilities seeking your attention, exploration and expansion at any stage of life, business, or community purpose. Listen in— I invite you to relax and enjoy!

You can view my 60 minute wide-ranging video, or any part of it that you want.

There are many, many fine speakers all day and night for you to experience, so let your intuition be your guide and enjoy the WORLD INSPIRE-THON for 2021 !!

Thank you!— Diane

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