TheMarketingDeal-10 Questoons fotWebsiteManagementAs a business owner, you do not simply tape a flyer to a lamp post and expect the world to beat a path to your door. We live in the era of “content marketing” which demands more than ever from you to establish and expand a credible online presence.

So much goes into creating a modern feature-packed website. Yet when you hit the launch button, what happens next is very much up to you. That’s why website owners need proactive, effective website management. Every thing from marketing to admin and the gamut in between.

Audiences these days see and use many highly sophisticated websites. The bar is high, and they have little patience for difficult sites. You are required to keep current; educating yourself, your staff, or using outside services and being in good communication all along the way. Visitors want relevant, easy-to-access expertise. Your audience has more choices than ever, and they judge sites in milliseconds, unfair as that is.

These are the 10 questions that require thoughtful answers, long before you go live, whether you build a custom site, or buy an all-in-one service.

1. Who will be responsible in your organization for website management?

2. What procedures will you actively maintain to protect your website as an asset?

3. How may hours will those responsible allocate weekly to website management?

4. What technical knowledge about site management do those responsible have?

5. What marketing knowledge about site management do those responsible have?

6. How frequently will posting be done on the website and who will do it?

7. What is the commitment of (a) time and (b) budget to promoting the website?

8. What social media will be used to proactively support the website?

9. What criteria will be used to measure and analyze the website’s effectiveness?

10. What proactive marketing plans will help grow the business as a whole?.

Websites are about as optional as having a business card these days. Without one, you aren’t considered to be in business. Services and resources to create sites have dramatically increased in number and diversity, but not all are created equal.

Spending some quality time thinking through these 10 Questions will enable you to choose wisely, whether you are updating an existing site, or building your first. Focus well beyond the development and launch stages to what your ongoing online needs will require.

— Diane A. Curran

•  •  •

P.S. Diane has launched many websites for small business owners during the past 15 years, with direct experience in the fundamental shifts overtaking that industry. She now consults on development strategy, supporting business owners to choose resources that best fit budgetary and features requirements from the many scalable services available. To learn more about The Marketing Deal’s custom consulting services, we invite you to browse our options or contact us with any questions.

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