Have . The Marketing You Want Now

Let's get right to the critical elements for being memorable to your audience... in a way you both want.
  • Marketing isn’t time management, nor fantasy budgets.
  • Effective branding and marketing require consistency, persistence and patience.
  • Yet it’s creative, imaginative, and actually fun, when done by design.

Business Owners and Professionals lament this challenge, given the daily distractions of business ownership.

Worse, we’ve all been on the bad end of hard sell masquerading as marketing — blustering, badgering — that’s never any fun. No wonder marketing is that broken umbrella in the corner until the stormy business day when we salvage it to venture forth, seeking sudden sales among unwitting prospects running for shelter in their own rain. So let’s look on the sunny side…

Inspired marketing has the energy to…

spark emotion

speak to mind

and spotlight what is extraordinary and magnetic about you.


There is only one you, so by definition you are unique and so is your business. Your success starts with you: you really are your best asset, whether the world has seen that yet or not.

Growing your business to its full potential means putting your best business asset — your authentic value — front and center.

People are quite naturally up for the best that marketing has to offer:

• Marketing is Creating a Welcome Presence. Be where your clientele already is, and you’ll become familiar, trusted. Then when you invite them into a new world with your offer, you won’t be seen as an intruder.

• Branding is Authenticity, Integrity and Compelling Purpose: a magnetic alchemy that changes the game completely.

• Writing is Connecting with Words and Messages that Matter It works when it says what’s so and offers what’s next.

• Design creates Visually Compelling Images that Express Your Intent instantly in your mind’s eye, with immediacy in the world.

Doesn’t your business deserve the best that marketing can provide? Your prospects and customers surely do, too!

That ‘s how to Have . The Marketing Deal

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