Events and Programs

Diane A. Curran leads uniquely customized events with The Marketing Deck's Play-by-Play

FUN Innovative Events to Play Your Way to New Marketing Momentum

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Diane presents interactive events designed with fun to move marketing forward . Quotes upon request.

Events and Programs are customized to your focus and timelines.

Short Presentations & Kick-Offs (30 to 60 minutes) are also available. Quotes upon request.

Please visit our Speaking page for additional Presentation Topics.

QuickStart Events

Sweet Spot: 1 to 12 Players
  • tmd-live-cardback-only-2016 Event Play: Two Hours
  • I. Deal Yourself In
  • II. Card Spread or Draw
  • III. Step-by Step Instant Plan
  • IV. Wrap-Up
  • tmd-live-cardback-only-2016Event Play: Half Day
  • I. Pick a Card, Any Card
  • II. Card-Storming Gameplay
  • III. “Improv” Marketing Skits
  • IV. Wrap-Up
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Special Events

Sweet Spot: 24 to 180 Players
  • tmd-live-cardback-only-2016Icebreakers & Networking
  • I. Pick a Card, Pick a Partner
  • II. Guided Gameplay
  • III. Winner’s Challenge
  • IV. Wrap-Up
  • tmd-live-cardback-only-2016Interactive Keynotes
  • I. Pick a View, Pick a Purpose
  • II. Guided Gameplay
  • III. What’s the Big Idea
  • IV. Wrap-Up 
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Team-Building Events

Sweet Spot: Multi-Session Players
  • tmd-live-cardback-only-2016Project Symposiums & Planning Retreats
  • I. Icebreaker Intro
  • II. Deal Breakers & Makers
  • III. Gameplay & “Improv” Skits
  • IV. Wrap-Up & Team Wins
  • tmd-live-cardback-only-2016Conferences &   Motivational Events
  • I. The Get Go & Gameplay
  • II. Suit Up, Source & Success
  • III. Play to Plan, QuickStart Style
  • IV. Wrap-Up & Wins 
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