Do . Gather Marketing Fuel

Enjoy the view, then scroll for words, and click for marketing fuel to spark creativity.

The Long View

Seeking a new view may mean traveling the globe for breathtaking vistas. You can even achieve it instantly breaking your routine, unsticking yourself from minutia and stepping outside for a walk around the block, or exploring a local woodsy path. Your intuition will love you for it either way.

YouTube: Gems on Demand

Wondering what The Deal with Marketing really is? Lots of short & savvy videos about marketing strategy are in plain sight at our new YouTube Channel. Launched March 2016 wth more each week.

13 Marketing Strategy Secrets YouTube video series by Diane A Curran

Sparkling Details

Ever been hypnotized by unexpected veins of color in a found stone? Or expertly cut facets in a precious gem? Marketing success is chiseled from diamonds in the rough. Objective testing, being present to inspiration, and attention to detail are marketing’s secret stonecutters.

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