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Bruce Langford Mindfulness Mode Podcast interview (#264) with Diane aired on October 26th.

Click image for iTunes channel and Diane’s episode #264.

Listen now: Kim Sutton Positive Productivity Podcast (#138) interviews Diane.

Click image for iTunes channel and Diane’s episode #138.

Host Melinda Wittstock’s “MInisode”(#34) interviews Diane on Wings of Inspired Business streaming now. Stay tuned for a 2nd appearance in January.

Click image above to hear this podcast on iTunes.

Super Power Up! Podcast host Tonya Dawn Recla interviewed Diane in October.

Broadcast date coming soon! Click image to website for episodes.

Scientific Healing Podcast host Dr. Anastasia Chopelas will interview Diane in early 2018.

Date info coming soon! Click image to hear recent  episodes on iTunes.

What Rick Young— host of “What’s in Your Hand” on WHCR, 90.3 FM The Voice of Harlem— said after he interviewed Diane live:

“You were awesome during the show, you are like a Marketing Treasure Chest, and then on top of that you were fun. Diane, you are the Real Deal!”

  • Recent Appearances:
  • Dec 1, 2017: Reaching Out
  • Oct 2017: Boxing & Marketing
  • Sep 2017: Inspired Marketing
  • Sep 2017: Natural Disasters
  • Jul 2017: Celebrating Art
  • May 2017: Creative Marketing
  • Apr 2017: Paying It Forward
  • Mar 2017: “The Marketing Deck” was our first interview

Prolific blogger Michelle Shaeffer interviewed Diane in October on her podcast.

Broadcast date will come soon! Click image to visit Michelle’s blog.

Listen! Read My Lips Radio show w host Bonnie D. Graham interviews Diane on BlogTalk Radio. Click image for replay.

Motivational Masters Summit – Interview with Diane A. Curran. Click image for the interview.

Tyler Basu’s magazine LifestyleBusiness has published a new featured article by Diane, “6 Ways to Have More Charisma Every Day.”

Click image for blogmagazine article link.

Deb Crowe interviewed Diane LIVE on The Change Book Radio Show.

Click image for replay on the BlogTalk Radio show site.

To listen on iTunes, click the small icon at right. It’s the 10.18.17 episode!

Neil Haley Interviews Marketing Expert and Author Diane Curran on the Total Education Network. Click image for the interview.

Waking Up In America w Radio Host Dr. Valerie Anne Kirkgaard. Interview w Diane A. Curran aired September 30, 2017.

Lots of fun with on-air guests choosing cards yielding intuitive ideas that suited them to a T. Click image to visit the show online for re-broadcasts.

This Five Minute Bark Podcast host Dennis Langlais interview with Diane is Live, ready to kick off 2018 (#0188). Click here for the custom page Dennis created.

Click image for iTunes channel.

Behind the Scenes Print Interview

Visit our YouTube Channel The Marketing Deal for the video series collection.

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